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Gawron Law Office provides more than professional legal representation. We offer intelligent and compassionate legal advice focused on reaching the best possible outcome.

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Steven L. Gawron
Attorney at Law

Trusted Representation

“Honesty and Integrity”

I have known Steve Gawron for 40 plus years, and have been utilizing his professional services for the past 30 years. The two words that stand out in both his personal and professional life are honesty and integrity. I have consulted with him for advice, and found him to listen intently, and then provide answers that are clear and concise. I have also retained him on legal matters, and he represented us very well, and was able to reach a settlement that was fair and favorable. I highly recommend Steve as someone you can trust to work with you to reach an equitable resolution to your needs.

Jim Porath, Shoreview, MN

“Very Happy with the Results”

Steve Gawron and I first met in 1991 when I was run over by an uninsured driver. Steve was able to reach a maximum settlement for me then, and more recently my wife suffered a terriable fall which resulted in many injuries and surgery. We were very happy with the results Steve was able to achieve without going to court. He was more than fair in his dealings with us and a real tough advocate for us. My wife and I would highly recommend Steve to anyone that might ask us for a lawyer.

Ross and Sandy Nolan, MN


Steve Gawron has represented us on business and family court matters for over 15 years. Steve’s knowledge of law along with his ability to communicate that knowledge in and out of court is, quite simply, brilliant. Furthermore, Steve possesses integrity, compassion and commitment beyond the highest standard. Steve Gawron is our champion.

Dave Redmond & Patty O’Neill, Eagan, MN

“Tireless Effort, Single-Minded Determination, and Uncompromised Loyalty”

Steve Gawron has been selected by good and decent Minnesotans and fellow attorneys to handle their personal injury and wrongful death cases. I have practiced law for over 30 years and selected him to handle my own personal injury case. Steve Gawron is an accomplished litigator with over 30 years experience in representing the victims of personal trauma.  He handled my case with tireless effort, with single-minded determination, and with uncompromised loyalty. Steve Gawron had faith in my cause and in himself. He will outwork, outclass and out-lawyer the attorneys from Minnesota’s largest law firms. Steve Gawron helps to put the lives of his clients back on track after a life-altering injury or wrongful death of someone close.

Trevor Walsten, Esq., MN

“A Caring Man Who Fights for Justice”

I met Steve Gawron ten years ago by chance. I was in need of an adoption attorney after I decided to adopt two children whom I had in foster care through Hennepin County. It was one of those moments that I asked an attorney friend who did not do adoptions who then referred me to someone else, who in turn referred me to Steve Gawron because she was going to be out of town for a few weeks. It was the most positive ‘by chance’ meeting of my life.

Steve agreed to meet with me after I explained my situation even though he was not handling adoption cases at that time. I remember him saying that the case “intrigued” him enough to hear me out. The rest is history. The adoption was final on June 21, 2004 after a two and one-half year court battle against a birth aunt and uncle who came forward after both birth parents lost their rights. This case actually set precedence for relative custody in Minnesota. In other words, we fought birth family and won!

Steve Gawron is a caring man who fights for justice. It was because of his expertise and strong heart that I have these two children in my family. We have remained friends through the years and he gets progress reports on the kids. He is an excellent attorney and a fine man. I am proud to call him my friend.

Margie Risch

“Character, Integrity, the Highest Ethical Standards, and Compassion”

I have known Steve Gawron for 25 years. Each and every time I have sought his guidance and counsel, I have been impressed with his high standards of professionalism and human decency. Steve is a man of character, integrity, the highest ethical standards and compassion. I would recommend him with the greatest confidence.

Judy Wright, Plymouth, MN

“A Winner”

I have known Steve Gawron for about the past 30 years. He has acted as my attorney on multiple occasions. First of all, Steve is a winner! He has helped me come out on the good end of things every time we worked together. During the process he has helped me keep my legal expenses in check and has always been honest and trustworthy. He tells me the good, the bad and the ugly as we go along such that I am always informed of whatever progress is happening. If I need a lawyer tomorrow, the first call I make will be to Steve Gawron.

Loren Swanson, Falcon Heights, MN

“Fervent Advocate”

When I refer my clients to another member of my profession, it is important to me to know that my client will be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. I often refer clients to Steve Gawron for this reason. Steve’s decades of experience means knowledge – knowledge of the legal system and how to procure the best outcome. He listens to clients with a compassionate ear to assure that he has acquired a complete understanding of the situation. Steve is an honest man and a fervent advocate. In short, Steve Gawron is the model of ideal legal representation.

Pamela M. Cecchini, Cecchini Law Office, Minneapolis, MN

“Vast Experience and Professionalism”

The thought of meeting with an attorney to discuss my injury and its legal ramifications, initially left me feeling a bit uneasy. Upon meeting with Steve and discussing our case, I was impressed not only by his vast experience and professionalism, but also his genuine concern for my wellbeing. During the year my case developed and ultimately settled, much to my satisfaction, Steve guided me with solid advice, sound reasoning and a sense of caring one would expect from a family member. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for an honest, hardworking, trustworthy attorney that delivers.

David Skogland, Minneapolis, MN

“Wise and Generous”

I have known Steve Gawron for many years as a friend and as a fellow professional. His integrity is impeccable. Steve is a deep thinker and an avid reader with wide-ranging interests. He is wise and generous, always willing to go out of his way to help others. Steve is also an adventurer and gifted storyteller.

Thomas Wright, Adler Institute

“Exceeded our Expectations”

Steve served as counsel for my family during a very difficult time. His commitment to serving our needs not only met but, exceeded our expectations. Steve’s strategic advice allowed us to stay focused helping us navigate what at times is a confusing and frustrating legal process. We found his approach to be efficient and of high value. We would not hesitate to refer Steve to others who are in similar need of his services.

Greg and Peggy Anderson, Burnsville, MN


The information Steve gave me was full and reassuring, not sugar-coated. Steve was up front with what he could and could not do, and his advice has been very helpful and much appreciated. It was very comforting to have Steve watching out for me.

Anonymous (client’s name is confidential)


  • Voted "SuperLawyer" by his peers

  • Over 38 years of experience

  • Represented hundreds of Gestational Carriers and Egg Donors

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